Friday, October 28, 2016

Life Sketch 10.28.16

I’m hoping to do posts like this periodically to give a peek into our everyday life. This first one will be a bit of an introduction to our family.

Life lately. Where do I begin? It has been like an endless marathon for the past six months since Helen was born. I feel like I’m finally coming out of the postpartum haze. My energy is coming back, life is getting more manageable day-to-day and we’re starting to build back the margin that has been missing for too long.

I am feeling every bit the stay-at-home mom of three little ones. Showers are a luxury, and makeup and hair products are for Sunday morning church. I’m pretty sure the pre-kids me would be horrified at how disheveled I sometime look – and in public! I won’t pretend the sacrifices aren’t massive, but I can’t overstate the joy that I have found in motherhood, especially in these early years with babies. This too shall pass. Someday I will have time to blow-dry my hair but no baby to rock to sleep.

My wonderful, steadfast husband has been burning the candle at both ends all year for us. He works at a corporate job and has stretched his work schedule to help accommodate the extra time needed at home with a pregnant/postpartum wife and three little ones. Making time for him to give his best at work is finally a priority, and he even got 48 hours to himself when I took the kids to visit family last week. I cannot put into words what a blessing he is. So thankful for eleven wonderful years of marriage.

Laura has transitioned beautifully to kindergarten life. Her outgoing personality is satisfied much better by the fast pace of school than it was here at home with me every day. We enjoy our time together in the afternoons, and days off school are a special treat. Laura’s favorite things are owls, stickers, and drawing pictures. She is the most perfect version of a five-year-old I have ever seen.

Then there’s Matthew. He is three years old, happy-go-lucky, a total ham and is just all boy. I’ve been a little surprised at how real the “middle child” thing is, and I have to be mindful about carving out time just for him. He is the most intense in his need for attention and affection, which has been true since he was a baby. But man, that kid makes me laugh.

And Helen. My joy. She is a lovely, fat baby who loves to giggle. The ideal third child, she is patient (who describes a baby as patient?) and go with the flow. She naps 2-3 times a day in between school drop-offs and errands. Loves to bounce in her doorway jumper, loves to nurse to sleep. Her first pair of glasses are ordered and should be in next week, so I’m holding on to these last few days before she becomes my sweet little four eyes.

I can’t paint a picture of our family without including the core, which is our Catholic faith. We are blessed to be members of a wonderful parish which also has an amazing school. Our faith has provided a framework for all the ups and downs of life. Through it we are able to find meaning in each experience and see blessings in both our joys and our sufferings.

Overall, life is pretty typical. There’s lots of dishes and laundry. We read books to our kids and tuck them in at night. We watch HGTV and spend too much time scrolling through our iPhones. We I drink lots of coffee. And I try not to forget that these are the days. The beautiful days where life is full to the brim and we are living every second. My heart overflows.

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